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Services offered and Pricing

Getting a Puppy or Rescue Dog - Settling in the home

Getting your first puppy / dog can sometimes be challenging for new or inexperienced dog owners.  Getting your home set up correctly to welcome the dog and having the whole family equipped with some easy to learn techniques can make the process a great deal easier and fun.

I offer a package of 3 home visits (about 1.5 hour each) tailored to your puppy / dog as an individual, giving advice on safe socialisation, toilet training, sleeping arrangements and frequent issues such as mouthing, chewing, digging, barking etc. You may even wish to have guidance on walks, teaching your dog to come back when called.  This package comes with an initial phone consultation, written resources and advice in between sessions.

Price: £195
For 3 one-to-one home visits, resources and advice between sessions.

One-to-one Training sessions

Training is a lifelong process which needs to be tailored to both the dog's and the owner's needs. We aim to make training easy and fun while ensuring it applies to real-life situations.  We provide training solutions for a variety of training issues such as jumping up at people or children, pulling on the lead, excessive nipping and play biting and poor recall, or engage us to teach you some fun trick training techniques.

Price: £60 / hour

Behavioural Consultation

Our companion dogs sometimes find the stresses of modern-day life with humans challenging, and this can lead to an array of behavioural issues.

We offer a comprehensive assessment and a bespoke treatment plan with full support through the programme.  If necessary, I will collaborate with your vet to ensure that  any medical causes of behaviour are explored and treated.

Behaviour Assessments Cover

  • Dogs exhibiting anxiety, fear, frustration or reactivity problems
  • Owner absent related problems
  • Aggression towards humans or other animals, food / toy / location guarding

Price: £199
Full 2 hour consultation with a behaviour modification plan and a 1 hour face-to-face follow up session.

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